What are our outputs?

i-SME Profile/Guidelines

Development of the transnational i-SME profile that includes the essentials of successful disability employment under consideration of cultural differences. The i-SME profile shows the ideal situation in which there is the ‘highest’ chance for persons with disabilities to be recruited and employed at SMEs:

Characteristics of the 'DMU/the boss' and the working environment
Characteristics of the direct social and societal environment
Characteristics of Governmental services and policies
Characteristics of Support Instrument

Combining theories of change with the “i-SME profile – essential elements” we have developed a methodology of motivation that implies general motivation through awareness and motivation to act. This overview forms the basis for the practical application in the development of the scripts of the video clips.

These i-SME Action guidelines are to be considered when developing an intervention focussed on increasing the employment possibilities for persons with disabilities in SMEs. This document should be helpful for the national, regional, and local institutions of the EU countries in their plans, actions and policies in general.

In all contexts it is about influencing ‘persons’ to be made more aware and more motivated to act to become more inclusive. All policies focussing on the employment of persons with disabilities finally find their way through different bodies ending up at the table of one or some decision makers within the SMEs that have to decide ‘what to do in their company with the specific national, regional or local policy’. And this is also the case for supporting actions and organising events.

i-SME Mini Series

For this project we’ve made a set of video clips that includes best practices from 8 countries. All videos are based on the developed methodology and present employment possibilities for different types of disabilities and in various branches. To reach a broad audience we’ve provided the videos with subtitles in all national languages of partner countries. Based on the videos our team has also prepared a number of so-called trigger videos which are to attract decision makers of SMEs in each partner country.

i-SME Portal

The outputs of the project are published on the i-SME Portal, which is meant to be a useful information source for those who intend to hire people with disabilities or consider that opportunity but have not decided yet.

This portal provides clear information and guidance around the legal responsibilities and obligations related to employment for someone with a disability. We also intend to produce more case studies, videos and keep sharing the expertise of those SMEs who have faced similar issues in the past.

Portal’s mission is to motivate SMEs and present how others are making it work in their business/industry, which creates a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. The i-SME portal, with national sections for each partner country, focuses on:

Support in awareness of the job-possibilities within the SME: Inclusive Job Design, Job Carving, Job Crafting, etc.
Support in the recruitment process: how to write applications, how to find candidates, how to do interviews
Support in the preparation and placement process: workplace accommodations, legal elements, subsidies, financial incentives
Support in the guidance at the workplace: awareness training for colleagues and supervisors
Support on the long term: learning and development activities, strategic personnel planning

i-SME Dissemination Campaign

The dissemination campaign will be carried out in eight countries with different backgrounds in employment of people with disabilities: Finland, The Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Austria.

Our team has been working together with national bodies of SMEs, representatives of persons with disabilities, authorities and service providers to disseminate the project’s outputs at their regular events. We supported them in developing a plan for dissemination combining their channels and our expertise. During the campaign, our team will be organising or taking part in the events on the local, regional, national and international levels.