Tips and Instructions
Campaign guidelines
First, some Facts:
why should you hire a person with a disability
Impact videos
Business owners telling about impact that PWD employees have had on their companies.
i-SMEs in Germany. Why do we hire employees with disabilities? Part Two
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i-SMEs in Germany. Why do we hire employees with disabilities? Part One
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Good practices
Stories of enterprise owners with successful examples of inclusion, telling how they did it and how it works out
Portugal: a familiar environment
Ricardo, a retail worker with a mild intellectual disability, Hugo, a sales assistant with a heart
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Spain: A place where everyone fits!
Employees with back impairments, and low arm or leg mobility, work in different disciplines
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Belgium: "We looked at the potential of Hannah."
Hannah, an employee with a physical disability, works as a helpdesk employee
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Germany: making it easier for all
Nick, an employee with autism spectrum disorder, works in the construction and packaging part
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Portugal: Stable and working to perfectionism
José, an employee with an arm amputation, works as a graphic officer. Pedro, an employee with spina
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Lithuania: Stable and loyal employees!
Donatas, an employee with a spina bifida meningocele, who works as a marketing specialist
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