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Inclusive enterprises make better enterprises

Expand your pool of talents. It’s not about inclusion, it’s about success.

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Business owners telling about impact that PWD employees have had on their companies.
i-SMEs in Germany. Why do we hire employees with disabilities? Part Two
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i-SMEs in Germany. Why do we hire employees with disabilities? Part One
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is an i-SME

An inclusive enterprise is a place where people with disabilities — both visible and invisible disabilities — have the same opportunities for success as their co-workers.
Disability is diversity, and therefore a key component of workplace diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. However, at the EU level, only 47% of persons with disabilities aged 15 – 64 years are employed, compared to 67% of persons without disabilities
Our goal is to increase the number of SMEs being aware of the possibilities of employing persons with disabilities and being also motivated to act and actually undertake actions to employ persons with disabilities..

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We're working to promote inclusivity in SMEs across the continent

The project brings together the experiences and the know-how of eight partners from the EU. We collect good practices, exchange them, and disseminate them.

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Case studies of employment
Stories of enterprise owners with successful examples of inclusion, telling how they did it and how it works out
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Videos with practical advices of employers having workers with a disability
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The brochure for 20 tips to support enterprises in becoming a perfect i-SME
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Evidence-based practices to stimulate employers to become more inclusive
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being inclusive is good for your business?

A business that is open and ready for employment of persons with a disability, not only attract potential employees, but also improves company morale and overall culture. Research shows, what inclusive workplaces are 8 times more likely to achieve better business incomes.

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can my enterprise become more inclusive?
to encourage others to become more inclusive?

Learn about evidence-based successful practices, that stimulate employers to become more inclusive in hiring process, support jobseekers with a disability finding a job and help creating a culture of inclusivity.

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